Facts about Killer Whales – What you need to know about Orca

Orcas, or better known as killer whales are considered to be the largest member of the family of dolphins. Many commend the mammal for being highly social. This is made up of the matrilineal family groups. As a matter of fact, Orcas have always been long, rounded and even large. These dorsal fins are at the middle all the time. They can be identified through the white patches seen around their black bodies. These may also be on the underside and even that near their eyes. There are still various facts about killer whales that ought to be learned. What are these?

More about Killer Whales

Orcas usually eat squid, fish, and marine mammals and as well as bards. These are all included in their diet. Compared to most dolphins, these orcas always utilize the presence of echolocation whenever they can. They have the ability to bounce sound off in order for the location of objects to be determined in a snap. This too may be undertaken by them. Hunting is not so hard. They can just use a sequence of clicks, high pitched actually, in order for a prey to be stunned. This is how they work all the time.

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There is this ocra pod members and these usually work together in order for a meal to be caught. There are instances when pod members take charge in forcing many fish into a particular area. They are the ones to take turns when it comes to feeding. They may also go to the beach in order for penguins and seals to be scared. This is the time when other kinds of killer whales are still waiting to be fed.

When it comes to population, there is still no definite number about how many they are. However, it has been said that there is an estimation for them to be less than 50,000 individuals. As for the range, they may be situated in whatever ocean there is on the world. However, they are commonly stumbled upon at the Antarctic and Arctic. These may also be spotted off the United States coast and also that of Canada. Orcas are then located in open ocean and even that of coastal waters.

It has been said that orcas have always been a kind of social animal. Meaning, it travels through a group. Such group, as mentioned above, is called pods. Pods may be made up of 5 to 30 whales. Even if this is the case though, there are pods out there that combine in order for a group to be formed. This may comprise a 100 or even more. There are other orcas on the other hand that always establish social hierarchies. They also have the capacity for this. These pods are usually being led by females. A complex and rich form of communication are attributed to the animal. They even come with their various dialects. This is true for them. Seeing these killer whales may really be a once in a lifetime experience.