Facts about Paul Revere – More about the Folk Hero

Silversmith Paul Revere became popular as he played a role in alerting the Lexington Minutemen regarding the British approach in the year 1775 in the midst of a Tea Party. This will always be found in most facts about Paul Revere.

Paul was born on the 1st of January, 1735. He was an ardent colonialist and as well as a silversmith. He played a vital role in the Boston Tea Party as mentioned above. He was even the principal and initial rider for the Boston’s Committee involved for safety. As he deals with that role, he was able to devise a particular system which was comprised of lanterns. This was undertaken in order for the minutemen to be warned about the invasion being planned, and meant to be carried out by the British. This was the reason why he was set up for a famous ride on the 18th of April 1775.

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Needless to say, Revere grew up to be a committed and serious artisan. However, he was struck so bad during the passing of his father. This changed most of his ways. This was the reason why he was given the responsibility of taking care of their business. This is undertaken in support to his siblings and mother. After than, Revere built his own family that he needs to take care of as well. This was the time when he married Sarah Orne. They were able to have eight children. She died unexpectedly in 1773 though. This was the time when Revere married again, in the name of Rachel Walker. They were able to have eight children.

Most of his businesses did really doo. But then, there still came a point when Revere suddenly became stock with the whole situation handed to him. He struggled. He came to the senses of his very own livelihood. He was quite certain that his life would be affected by the issues around and that was the reason why he felt the need for the British to be addressed.

The aforementioned lead him to the joining of the Freemasons. This was the occurrence when he was seen befriending people including Dr. Joseph Warren and James Otis. These are both activists. This made him more confident about his leadership. This indeed grew to various heights. This was just enough because of the responsibilities that he also had to face eventually. The tension between the British and colonies turned out to be a deeper one. He was asked to spy on the soldiers of British and for their every movement to be reported.

As an addition to his spying work, he was also working as a Boston Committee of Correspondence courier. He also became a part of the Massachusetts Committee of Safety. In order for defiance to be practiced, he, and others he was with, had to dress as Indians at one point. This was when they were dumped into Boston Harbor. This started the launching of the Boston Tea Party.