Winzip Vs. 7Zip

Compressing large files into several small files or into a big compressed file is never a difficult task for users even before because of the availability of a great software which had been very reliable to use over a long number of years. WinZip is probably the first and the oldest shareware, file archiver and compressor widely used by most users of MS Windows operating system and is even gaining more popularity with the increasing number of Mac users today. The demand for file compression utility tools has been growing because of the rapid development of the new and advanced programs and different files, which is why many software companies have also published their own version of compression programs. To date, it is not surprising that there are lots of file archiver and compressor programs which are made available. These programs even extended support to several tasks which are beyond the responsibility of a simple file archiver program, such as checking contents and virus scanning, downsizing images and more.

WinZip Vs. 7Zip

One of the top competitors of the popular WinZip program is the 7Zip bringing 7Zip format into the computer industry. To make a simple comparison about the key features of the two programs that you’ll consider running on your Mac, this article will give you a brief review between Winzip Vs. 7Zip.

Let us start with the features of the WinZip program. Obviously, WinZip creates an archive of Zip file format by default but it also has support in various levels for other archive formats like RAR, Tar, Cab, ISO and many others. It provides you an integrated FTP uploading option, keeps you an automatic backup of important files, protects files by encrypting them in the zipping process, and even lets you share these files with other people on Facebook through ZipShare. It comes with necessary features that will allow you to perform a number of tasks needed in file archiving. What is also notable about it is its WinZip Wizard that will guide you with different easy steps to follow in zipping and unzipping files making it easier for you all the time.

On the other hand, the other program with the same nature, 7Zip includes features that will function well in terms of file archiving and compressing. It comes with a multi-volume support, Outlook-integration and a password protection. It supports the 7Z format which is an efficient compression format and also has support to many other file formats. It has the ability to create self-extracting archives. However, some extra plugins are still needed in order for it to operate. 7Zip also offers you advanced features and easy to use tools. What’s good about this program as compared to other utilities available like WinZip and WinRar is the fact that it is absolutely free to download.

Now, if you are going to decide which one is better in all aspects, it would be Winzip Registry Repair with richer features. But if you are looking for something free to use, you’ll get 7Zip. Nevertheless, either of the two compression utilities would still be of great help to you.

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